Hi! I’m Yannis and I’ve always wanted to travel the world! But there’s always been this something that has made it difficult; you guessed it right… $!

After a student exchange scholarship that helped me travel to Hungary, Austria and Slovakia and a couple of really early flight bookings with low cost airlines, thanks to which I visited Paris, London, Rome, Prague and Manchester, I realised that there will always be places that I’d love to visit.

So, after a few years and when the universe was ready (yeah! whatever! After persistent efforts and one financial crisis later!), I found myself a cabin crew job and here I am now travelling the world (even if for only 24 hours at a time) and making the most of it!

What I’m into:

Castles, palaces and towers (like this beautiful palace in Potsdam)
– Edgy architecture (like the tallest surviving roman construction in the world in the south of France)
Quaint architecture (like the old town of Stockholm or this old fishing village just next to Amsterdam)
Vegetarian restaurants and recipes
Art (like this historic exhibition in Buenos Aires or this modern art museum in Washington DC)
Museums (like this modern art museum in Washington DC)
Theatre, shows, festivals and performances (like this Lights Festival in Amsterdam or the Rio de Janeiro Carnival)
Street art (like the one along the High Line in New York City)
Beaches (like this amazingly blue one in Dar es Salaam or this cute one near Perth)
Antiques (like this porcelain in Shanghai that your grandma would surely disapprove of!)
Quirky coffee shops and restaurants (like this surreal restaurant in Buenos Aires, these unique places in Berlin or even this greek salad in Athens, which you have to eat with a shovel!)
Parks and gardens (like this sculpture garden in Washington DC)
Shopping (like in this cool and historical district of Shanghai)
Abandoned sights (like this theme park in Berlin or this photogenic ghost town in Nevada)
People spotting (like while partying in the streets during the Rio de Janeiro Carnival)
Unusual things (like Dubai’s Global Village or this pink lake in Senegal)


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