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The not so glamorous side of my visit to Iran!

My visit to Iran wasn’t just a breeze! And it definitely wasn’t all about beautiful architecture and poetic nights inspired by the country’s great poets! Don’t get alarmed by what you may hear in the news! It was nothing major really… Just some first world drama… Here are 8 examples that show how certain things were less glamorous than I had expected them to be… 1. The bathroom slippers in every hotel Forget the plain white slippers you’ll find in…

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Inspiration for what to see & do in Iran in 25 photos

Dangerous, misunderstood, dream destination, too conservative, mysterious and a place with great history: These are all words of people I know referring to Iran upon hearing about my travel plans! In my experience, polarised and strong opinions mean that there’s something special about a place. And indeed there was! And if you’ve come so far to be reading this, then you probably belong to the ones that are open to visiting this unique part of the world and might need…

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10+ beautiful things to see and do in Bacharach

Bacharach is a small town not too far from Frankfurt and it’s how you’d imagine a beautiful german town should be! Located by a river with loads of pretty half timbered medieval houses, a beautiful cathedral and a castle. It even has a forest, ruins of a chapel and many vineyards! And these are just a few reasons why Bacharach is an ideal destination for a day trip from Frankfurt am Main! There’s just so many things to see and do…

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Wotrubakirche: An unexpected brutalist church in beautiful Vienna

Even in the least attractive of places with no sightseeing interest whatsoever, you can rely on places of worship for an imposing structure, beautiful architecture and classic beauty. Think of churches, mosques and all sorts of temples around the world. Endless selection of buildings, appealing to various tastes. In a place of an immense architectural elegance like Vienna, you can be prepared for pleasant surprises! But I’m not sure how much you can be prepared for such a contrast like…

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Vollpension Vienna: Granny is so happy to bake for you!

There’s a quirky little café in Vienna, Austria filled with nostalgia and grandmother love! Vollpension Vienna is a café designed to look like an austrian grandma’s house. And if you’re not familiar with austrian grannies, let me just tell you that certain things are universal: Imagine old furniture, wooden toys, frames with photos from another era, vintage lamps and retro decor items. And of course cake baking! Does it sound a bit like your own grandmother? In Vollpension Vienna you will see Oma…

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How to explore the best of Rotterdam in 2 days

“If I had to live anywhere in Holland, Rotterdam would be the place” , “Can’t wait to visit Markthal! It looks very impressive!” Iason, whom I generally trust, revealed to me while I was trying to figure out an itinerary around the city the night before my visit. “What are you gonna do there?”, “It’s only good for shopping!” were some of the reactions of my Dutch colleagues when I told them I’m planning to visit Rotterdam, accompanied by a look…

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3 impressive abandoned places to discover in the UAE

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are not popular with urban explorers. They’re considered to be too modern and very recently built for some of their sites to be abandoned already. However this is far from true. Some of its construction sites were abandoned even before the projects were completed, especially at times where their financing couldn’t be guaranteed. And others because of ghosts and supernatural activities!  Here are some great abandoned places to discover in the UAE, regardless if you’re an…

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What do the Cube Houses of Rotterdam look like from the inside?

It’s true that Rotterdam didn’t do much to impress me! It was more than I expected it to be and definitely more than some locals had warned me: It was modern and edgy and still maintained some traditional dutch elements and had a lot of character. I liked it so much that I visited it 3 times in one week! The reason I went back for the 3rd time though was one of its landmarks: the Cube Houses in the city’s…

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Brussels is the city that glorifies peeing like no other!

What is Brussels best known for? The belgian capital is very famous for being home to the iconic Atomium, many European Union institutions and, of course, the Manneken Pis, the legendary fountain of a boy peeing! But it’s not the only public sculpture of someone that urinates! Let’s see all of the pissing statues of Brussels: 1. Manneken Pis First things first: Not only is it tiny, but it’s behind a tall fence, in the corner of 2 streets. There’s little chance you would…

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16 excellent gift ideas from New York’s cool MoMA Design Store

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City  is a museum that celebrates modern art and its Design Store reflects this very well! Combining inspiration from both timeless artworks and contemporary design, it offers a great range of objects for different tastes. In other words: it’s a great source for finding nice presents! It’s more fun if you can visit the museum’s shop yourselves, but if travelling to New York is not possible, there’a always the option of shopping online! Here are some cool…

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