Yes, I know! I had the same thoughts with you the first time I tried to use Snapchat:

How silly!

What’s the point of sharing something only for a few seconds?

It’s not gonna last!

This is only good enough for sexting and exchanging naked photos!

And I still do. To a point. There is a fun factor to Snapchat and you can use it for other reasons than trading nude photos!

Snapchat Palm House Kew Gardens


But what’s the benefit of Snapchat when it comes to travel blogging?

Snapchat is an extremely popular social media platform and it’s here to stay. It’s fun, playful, refreshing and it doesn’t take itself too seriously! And that’s excellent!

It’s also a direct way of communicating and feels more personal. You can share something in real time or moments later and takes less effort than having to take a good video and having to upload it later on another platform for people to see. You just use your phone to capture what you need to capture and a couple of clicks later it’s there for your Contacts to enjoy!

Surely you wouldn’t use it to share important files and documents! But you can use its playful features to tell a story in a different way while maximising its limitations. It’s a personal/amateurish way of sharing moments of your day with the people you’re connected with.

For example, its My Story feature allows you to share images and videos, the duration of which cannot exceed 10”. But if you put them nicely together you can tell a story in a fun and original way. While you’re creating your Story you keep discovering some hidden and some not so hidden features and effects that add to its playful character!

Snapchat My Story


I’m still brand new to it and I haven’t managed to make something very impressive, but I’m determined to learn! Even if I need to harass my friend Fran to teach me! He makes the most hilarious snaps! Like the one he sent me a few minutes ago after I shared My Story about planning my visit to Frankfurt while watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race! 😀

And since I could not download the hilarious video he sent me via Snapchat, here are two screenshots that give some sort of an idea of what he was about!

Fran Snapchat

Fran is franciscogbiron on Snapchat!


My first Snapchat Video – My Story in London’s Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

So, I was visiting the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London yesterday and I felt the need to play with Snapchat and produce a Story by including some of the things I saw and felt like sharing.

Here’s the video:


Ok! I promise to keep it vertical at all times from now on, unless absolutely necessary!

Add Hide In My Suitcase on Snapchat!

Username: Hideinmsuitcase (No y! There was a limitation in the maximum characters used! Tssssss!)

Username: Hideinmsuitcase
(No y! There was a limitation in the maximum characters used! Tssssss!)


So, if you’re already a fan of Snapchat or if you’ve been thinking about giving it a go for a while, follow Hide In My Suitcase (@hideinmsuitcase) and travel with me in (almost) real time!