The not so glamorous side of my visit to Iran!

My visit to Iran wasn’t just a breeze! And it definitely wasn’t all about beautiful architecture and poetic nights...

Inspiration for what to see & do in Iran in 25 photos

Dangerous, misunderstood, dream destination, too conservative, mysterious and a place with great history: These are all words of people...

How to explore the best of Rotterdam in 2 days

“If I had to live anywhere in Holland, Rotterdam would be the place” , “Can’t wait to visit Markthal! It...

3 impressive abandoned places to discover in the UAE

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are not popular with urban explorers. They’re considered to be too modern and...

10 of the most morbid tourist attractions in the world!

There are certain tourist attractions we’re all familiar with. They’ve been there for ages (and some not for that long) and they need...
Iran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, To write home about, Yazd
The not so glamorous side of my visit to Iran!
IFN, IKA, Iran, Isfahan, Persepolis, Shiraz, SYZ, Tehran, To write home about, Yazd
Inspiration for what to see & do in Iran in 25 photos
AMS, Amsterdam, EIN, Netherlands, Rotterdam, RTM, Tips/Guides
How to explore the best of Rotterdam in 2 days
Dubai, DWC, DXB, Ras Al Khaimah, SHJ, Tips/Guides, To write home about, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates
3 impressive abandoned places to discover in the UAE
To write home about
10 of the most morbid tourist attractions in the world!



Things to do and routes to take when you don't have much time and would love to do more than just the standard Top3 suggested by the travel guides!

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IMG_9325_FotorHi everyone!
My name is Yannis!

I intend to give you practical information for when you have limited time when visiting one place and would like to incorporate doing something a bit unusual, interesting and with a meaning. Or when you simply don't wanna end up wandering around aimlessly.

I'm also here to share some of my stories, incidents, memorable moments from travelling the world, knowing that you'll find some of them interesting, too!

Hide In My Suitcase while I travel and let's see the world together!


To Write Home About

Things that did stand out, recommendations, ideas, stories and reasons to go back!

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AMS, EIN, Netherlands, Rotterdam, RTM, To write home about

What do the Cube Houses of Rotterdam look like from the inside?

It’s true that Rotterdam didn’t do much to impress me! It was more than I expected it to be and definitely more than some locals had warned me: It was modern and edgy and still maintained some traditional dutch elements and had a lot of character. I liked it so much that I visited it 3 times in one week! The reason I went back for the 3rd time though was one of its landmarks: the Cube Houses in the city’s…

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ANR, Belgium, BRU, Brussels, CRL, LGG, OST, To write home about

Brussels is the city that glorifies peeing like no other!

What is Brussels best known for? The belgian capital is very famous for being home to the iconic Atomium, many European Union institutions and, of course, the Manneken Pis, the legendary fountain of a boy peeing! But it’s not the only public sculpture of someone that urinates! Let’s see all of the pissing statues of Brussels: 1. Manneken Pis First things first: Not only is it tiny, but it’s behind a tall fence, in the corner of 2 streets. There’s little chance you would…

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EWR, JFK, LGA, New York City, TEB, To write home about, USA

16 excellent gift ideas from New York’s cool MoMA Design Store

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City  is a museum that celebrates modern art and its Design Store reflects this very well! Combining inspiration from both timeless artworks and contemporary design, it offers a great range of objects for different tastes. In other words: it’s a great source for finding nice presents! It’s more fun if you can visit the museum’s shop yourselves, but if travelling to New York is not possible, there’a always the option of shopping online! Here are some cool…

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LIS, OPO, Portugal, To write home about

26 Photos that will make you wanna visit Northern Portugal!

Are you planning a visit to Portugal and you’re unsure if you should head north or south? Have you been trying to organise a road trip in Northern Portugal and you don’t know where to begin? Have you been thinking of going to Portugal for a while now, but you need more inspiration? These photos are here to answer some of your questions and inspire your itinerary! And something further off the beaten path: Do you have to suggest any amazing…

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LIS, Portugal, Sintra, To write home about

Pena Palace is the best palace in Sintra. And possibly in the world!

There are a few reasons why I think that the Pena Palace (Palácio da Pena in Portuguese) is the best palace in Sintra, Portugal, even though there are some other gorgeous ones in town, too. And having visited hundreds of palaces and castles around the world, I can definitely say it sits comfortably in my World’s Top5 List of Beautiful Castles & Palaces! No, I’ve never compiled such a list, but you get my point! 😀 So, these are some of the reasons why…

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SIN, Singapore, Singapore, To write home about

This weird Singapore attraction will make you say WTF every 5′!

Sometimes you visit beautiful places and you love them! Other times you see ugly places and wish you’d never wasted your time! And then there are these places that are ugly maybe (by conventional standards), a bit extravagant, of questionable aesthetics and with no apparent reason of existence! Such thoughts stick in your head so much sometimes that they make you wanna find more about them, about the state of mind of their creator and you end up loving them in the end! Haw…

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CMB, Negombo, Sri Lanka, Tips/Guides

How to make the most of one day in Negombo, Sri Lanka

I’m sure not many of you have heard of Negombo. And if you have, it’s probably because you had to arrive at the Colombo airport and were looking for night stop options (any sort of accommodation) before continuing your journey somewhere else in Sri Lanka. Negombo is actually closer to the Bandaranaike Int’l Airport than Sri Lanka’s largest city, Colombo. Therefore, it makes for a more convenient option to spend the night. But what is there to do in Negombo if you have…

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LPL, MAN, Portmeirion, To write home about, United Kingdom

Photos from Portmeirion, Wales that will make you cancel your italian holiday!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I planned my recent visit to Wales around Portmeirion! Portmeirion is a not a typical welsh looking place! It looks as if it came straight out of the pages of a fairytale taking place in an italian village! The photos  that follow will give you a good idea about the village and its unique beauty! This is the entrance to the village after a long walk in the forest: The first thing you see is a cute little…

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CDG, France, LBG, Normandy, ORY, To write home about, TUF

Normandy: Monet was here! And so was I! With a time delay!

We tend to visit a lot of places because of their historical importance, the events that took place in them and for the people who made history there. During my recent road trip around Northern France I felt something I’d never felt before! There were a lot of places of great historical significance, but there was an abundance of beauty everywhere I turned, as well! That bell tower in Honfleur And when I was having a late evening stroll in the…

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CDG, France, LBG, Loire Valley, ORY, Tips/Guides, TUF

The best châteaux to visit in the Loire Valley

Trying to organise a trip to Loire Valley can be so overwhelming! Why on earth would someone decide to build so many beautiful castles in one place?  You visit one and then the next one! And you leave the other one for tomorrow, only to realise that you need 1-2 weeks to see all of them! So, what if you’re one of us, a mortal human being, that only has a few days to spend in the Loire Valley but loves the châteaux? How do you choose which ones are…

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The not so glamorous side of my visit to Iran!

My visit to Iran wasn’t just a breeze! And it definitely wasn’t all about beautiful architecture and poetic nights inspired by the country’s great poets! Don’t get alarmed by...

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