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10+ beautiful things to see and do in Bacharach

Bacharach is a small town not too far from Frankfurt and it’s how you’d imagine a beautiful german town should be! Located by a river with loads of pretty half timbered medieval houses, a beautiful cathedral and a castle. It even has a forest, ruins of a chapel and many vineyards! And these are just a few reasons why Bacharach is an ideal destination for a day trip from Frankfurt am Main! There’s just so many things to see and do…

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3 impressive abandoned places to discover in the UAE

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are not popular with urban explorers. They’re considered to be too modern and very recently built for some of their sites to be abandoned already. However this is far from true. Some of its construction sites were abandoned even before the projects were completed, especially at times where their financing couldn’t be guaranteed. And others because of ghosts and supernatural activities!  Here are some great abandoned places to discover in the UAE, regardless if you’re an…

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Techatticup, Nevada: A ghost town that was too good to be true!

WHERE IS TECHATTICUP GHOST TOWN? C://Earth/America/North America/USA/Nevada/El Dorado Canyon/Techatticup Mine WHAT IS TECHATTICUP? The Techatticup Mine was the largest and most productive gold mine of the area. It’s no longer inhabited, so now it’s pretty much a tourist attraction in Nelson, Nevada. It’s also referred to as Nelson Ghost Town by some websites. UNMISSABLE LANDMARKS: – The nearby Las Vegas, which needs no introductions! – The main storehouse, which serves more than storing items! NEAREST AIRPORTS: – LAS – McCarran International Airport…

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Abandoned Berlin: A risky day in a creepy theme park

“Are you prepared to climb a tree if the dogs start chasing us?” Kostas asked me while we could hear the sounds of dogs barking in the background! I knew he could climb any tree, but me? I can hardly climb 2 steps at a time! So, I started mentally preparing for the worst case scenario: A bunch of aggressive watchdogs running after us with their drooling tongues hanging from their hungry mouths and us having to find the closest tree and climb…

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The sounds of an abandoned theme park that will creep you out!

Later this week I’m going to share some awesome photos from an abandoned socialist theme park that I visited in Berlin, Germany. There was such an eerie feeling all around the place! And having heard there are dogs and guards patrolling it was enough to give me the chills! But until my next post (which will include loads of photos and details about the whole experience), this is a short video I took. There’s no effects added in the sound!…

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