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Cool, modern (and free!) art for everyone at the Hirshhorn Museum

You know how at random times and at random places you come across images or conversations about certain things you never knew existed? This is what happened to me with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. It’s been some time now that I see people visiting it, posting about it and taking photos from it. I have to admit I never knew it existed or even how its name is pronounced! I mean who can pronounce it properly the first time they…

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Argentina, Buenos Aires, To write home about

A historic exhibition restaged after 50 years in Buenos Aires

  When I was trying to plan my visit to Buenos Aires a few weeks ago, I got in touch with my friend Fran, who lives there. First I was partly hoping that he would have a plan (yes, I was feeling lazy!) and second (it goes without saying) meeting up with people in the places you go most of the times is so much better than ticking off lists of monuments. And when those people are as nice and…

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