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16 excellent gift ideas from New York’s cool MoMA Design Store

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City  is a museum that celebrates modern art and its Design Store reflects this very well! Combining inspiration from both timeless artworks and contemporary design, it offers a great range of objects for different tastes. In other words: it’s a great source for finding nice presents! It’s more fun if you can visit the museum’s shop yourselves, but if travelling to New York is not possible, there’a always the option of shopping online! Here are some cool…

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10 of the most morbid tourist attractions in the world!

There are certain tourist attractions we’re all familiar with. They’ve been there for ages (and some not for that long) and they need no introductions. Sometimes you don’t even question why they are popular, because they’re simply iconic! Who cares what the Eiffel Tower was made for? It just has to be in the background of your selfie from #Paris while you’re feeling #blessed! 😀 But then there are cemeteries and attractions that don’t really bring back the fondest of memories! Some of them are morbid. And some are even more morbid! But there are also the most morbid tourist attractions of them all! These include:…

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Is the Hirshhorn Museum Sculpture Garden worth your time?

So, I told you earlier how much I enjoyed my visit to the Hirshhorn Museum and its courtyard. Right across the road from it there’s the Sculpture Garden. In my imagination I had imagined a vast garden with beautiful plantation and different kinds of modern artworks scattered around and some even hidden playfully among the plants, adding to the garden’s natural beauty. But things turned out to be more straight forward: No impressive plantation whatsoever! Ok, the winter weather didn’t…

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Cool, modern (and free!) art for everyone at the Hirshhorn Museum

You know how at random times and at random places you come across images or conversations about certain things you never knew existed? This is what happened to me with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. It’s been some time now that I see people visiting it, posting about it and taking photos from it. I have to admit I never knew it existed or even how its name is pronounced! I mean who can pronounce it properly the first time they…

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A historic exhibition restaged after 50 years in Buenos Aires

  When I was trying to plan my visit to Buenos Aires a few weeks ago, I got in touch with my friend Fran, who lives there. First I was partly hoping that he would have a plan (yes, I was feeling lazy!) and second (it goes without saying) meeting up with people in the places you go most of the times is so much better than ticking off lists of monuments. And when those people are as nice and…

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Buenos Aires for the culturally literate. And everyone else!

WHERE IS IT? C://Earth/America/South America/Argentina/Pampas UNMISSABLE LANDMARKS: – The colourful Caminito at the La Boca neighbourhood, where you’ll take some very nice photos. – The pink Casa Rosada, especially if you’re into Evita Peron and her history. Or Madonna and her movie! – The beautiful Recoleta Cemetery, which is not as creepy as it might sound! NEAREST AIRPORTS: – EZE – Ministro Pistarini or Ezeiza International Airport – AEP – Aeroparque Jorge Newbery – FDO – San Fernando International Airport WHAT TO…

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