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3 impressive abandoned places to discover in the UAE

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are not popular with urban explorers. They’re considered to be too modern and very recently built for some of their sites to be abandoned already. However this is far from true. Some of its construction sites were abandoned even before the projects were completed, especially at times where their financing couldn’t be guaranteed. And others because of ghosts and supernatural activities!  Here are some great abandoned places to discover in the UAE, regardless if you’re an…

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Abandoned Berlin: A risky day in a creepy theme park

“Are you prepared to climb a tree if the dogs start chasing us?” Kostas asked me while we could hear the sounds of dogs barking in the background! I knew he could climb any tree, but me? I can hardly climb 2 steps at a time! So, I started mentally preparing for the worst case scenario: A bunch of aggressive watchdogs running after us with their drooling tongues hanging from their hungry mouths and us having to find the closest tree and climb…

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