• if you’re a lazy cabin crew, who can’t even organise yourself enough to visit the Top3 attractions of one city on a layover,
  • if you’re the cabin crew who wishes to see beyond the Top3 attractions of a place, but need a little help with planning,
  • if you’re someone who loves to travel and hasn’t got much time to spend in one place and wants to make the most of it or do at least one memorable thing,
  • if you’ve been to a place a couple of times and you need to be inspired to do something different this time,
  • if you want to travel and need motivation or inspiration,
  • if you can’t or don’t want to travel, but you enjoy travelling through other people’s stories and photos,

  • if you just came across this page and feel there’s something interesting for you too,
you’re all very welcome and I can’t wait for you to Hide In My Suitcase, so I can take you around the world with me!